Has the Children Act changed family life for the better?

Interesting article looking at the Children’s Act which came in 30 years ago, “there’s an overriding focus on paperwork, with increased workloads that take away from spending time with children and families, and building relationships where real work and change can happen” Investment is needed as we are still failing children.

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Hidden rape conviction target revealed

This article shows that CPS failed rape victims. Less rape convictions gave a higher rape conviction target. All of those victims that were refused their day in court because of this, deserve justice – surely.

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‘You grow up hating yourself’: why child abuse survivors keep – and break – their silence

This article has so many truths …. “people start making disclosures and it doesn’t become shameful any more”; “People can’t support you if they don’t know what’s wrong”; “so traumatic and has affected the trajectory of their life so incredibly”

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