Aleesha Barlow

The name and the photo used in this story is real.

My name is Aleesha Barlow, and I am a survivor of child abuse. I was molested by my maternal grandfather and at age 6, I told my aunt that her father was touching me inappropriately. She told my mother, and they confronted my grandfather. He admitted it. I was told to keep it a secret from the police and my own father, with the promise the abuse would stop. Unfortunately he continued, and I never spoke up again. After 20 years, my father asked me if I had ever been molested in my life, I told him yes. I felt all the weight, burden and shame I had been carrying all those years, immediately lifted off my shoulders and I want all survivors to feel that! You are not alone. Don’t take it to the grave, Tell Somebody. It’s time to heal!

I have two books, one is a children’s book. I go to different schools and educate children about their body and encourage them to speak up if they are being touched inappropriately.

The second book is my memoir. Oprah Winfrey wrote the quote on the cover, she said I’m the perfect role model for turning pain into power! I give strength to other survivors, and let them know that they are not alone.

More information and videos can be found on Aleesha’s website :