Recommended Viewing

A Powerful Testimony

Just listening to this, you will see the long lasting impact of being abused. 

Proof - But will it make a difference?

So far the answer is NO.

This video of a radio interview, came after the Police had to admit they have closed down investigations into gangs of paedophiles. Even though they had evidence. All the agencies that are meant to protect our children, turned a blind eye to what was happening. AND STILL DO!!

Darkness to light

This websitecontains useful information for people to watch and read in order to learn more about child sexual abuse, and how to protect our community from it.

Crimes of the heart by illusiveTV
True Story of Child sexual abuse for adults by David Hoffman
Tell somebody

Aleesha Barlow interviews her mother and aunt who failed to stop Aleesha’s grandfather molesting her as a child. This link will take you to a series of videos by Aleesha Barlow. 

A Short movie on child safety No Touch by Klayschools

(for children)

My body belongs to me by CultureofSilenceFilms

(for children)


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