We passionately believe that every child has the right to grow up without being raped or abused.

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A Child is Crying is a campaign, our main aim is to raise the public’s awareness about the realities of sexual abuse, and it’s prevalence in every strata of society.

We want abusers to know they will not continue to get away with this.

We want the government to know we are expecting them to listen to people that have been abused.

We want the mask to be a symbol to victims that others are standing in solidarity with them.

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Changes are needed at every level of society and law, in order to beat this.Click for more ↓

The only way these changes will ever happen is for the government to feel the pressure from the general public, demanding all changes.

We want this petition to be the start of showing the government how many people, are demanding change.

We are asking you to do two simple things – first, please sign this petition to show your support to demand a comprehensive and concerted programme to end child sexual abuse, then, please share it with your social networks.

For decades people have been fighting, unseen by the general public, against sexual abuse, due to the cover up and silence that surrounds anything to do with sexual abuse. Despite this fight, the abuse has NOT stopped. As a society we should be protecting our children. We need to rise up together and let our joint voices be heard.

Even with all the stories in the media on the abuse carried out by high profile individuals, we are nowhere near achieving what is needed. The government will only respond and take this seriously enough to implement changes in every part of the failing system if the public rise up in large enough numbers to say NO MORE. IT MUST STOP. We need a movement with united voices that cannot be silenced.

If you can help us get a million people to sign this petition, we can create a movement powerful enough to ensure that all the institutions, agencies and bodies involved take action, and a culture change will follow. 

* In 2013 there were 778,803 births, that means that over 150,000 of the children born that year will be abused by the age of 16. In a 16 year time period that means 2.4 million children will have been abused in the UK! How can this be? (See more statistics)

We can stop this and we hope you will join us.

Please note : This is not the usual petition asking for a change to one particular thing or law, it is a way to show the government the weight of the public’s desire for this to stop.

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Our Campaign

Further details on the campaign, and what we believe needs to be changed. Watch our video and song A Child is crying.

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A Child is crying branded items that are sold to help financially support the campaign work.

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