face6A few years ago, I remembered I was sexually abused as a child. It was a very difficult time for me as I battled with the impact of my childhood sexual abuse by a relative. Although I had the benefit of counselling and online support, what I needed most was a place I could go to heal, a place where I could just spend time alone with my past and with people who understood what I had been through and were willing to support me through the process. I found no such place. There was no respite home that I could go too.

I desperately wanted to step away from my normal life and go to a place where I could fully express the turmoil of emotions I was going through. I felt so lonely and isolated. I didn’t know anyone else who had experienced sexual abuse that could assure me from their own experience that I was going to be okay, that could share with me their journey and tell me what to do. I wanted and needed to go somewhere for a week or more to be with people who were going to look after me and care for me. Sexual abuse is a very delicate matter, one which needs to be handled with care and support. My family with the best will and intention didn’t really know how to support me, they didn’t have the experience and the expertise.

In the end, I spent a lot of money to go abroad for a week as I needed to just go away. I needed to spend time away from my immediate family. The time I spent abroad was not really useful as I didn’t have the opportunity to fully express myself, my emotions were still tightly reigned in as the people around me would surely have been hurt if they knew what I was going through. My friends would not have known how to help me and to be honest; I was too ashamed and embarrassed to share my story with them. I was walking around with the shame and guilt of an abuse that at the time, I didn’t know was not my fault. I blamed myself. And so, even though I was away from home to deal with the impact of my abuse, I had no real support.

I had spent hundreds of pounds desperately trying to recover from my past over the last few years, but in just a few months with Transformation, I found my self-confidence. I grew personally and spiritually. I was able to confront the little child within me that had been crying for my attention and comfort her with Gee Patchett. I learnt so much from attending the Woman at the Well event that is held in the Power House Lounge. I have benefited so much from the help and support that is offered by this charity and this has taken me to a place of complete restoration and healing.