Our Campaign

Our campaign is to get as much of the general public as possible aware about the scale and effects of child sexual abuse. We believe if enough people join together and raise their voices together, we will be heard. We need change to be demanded by every newspaper, radio station and TV channel.

We need to protect our children. Today as you read this, they are being hurt, and nobody is helping them. Let them know help is on the way.

People believe that we have structures in place to protect children such as the Police, child protection and Children’s services. Most of those who know the truth will say that none of these really did anything to help them when they reported what was being done to them. 

We have a legal system that has everything in place to protect abusers but insufficient to protect or support victims. Unless the public unite together and say:

“Listen To The Victims Look At The Facts Stop The Abuse”

the current system will continue to deny or cover up the truth.

The petition is one of the tools we are using to reach out to people, to say, what is already being done is not enough, it is not working, let us do more.

We will hold events, rallies, have fundraising activities, anything needed to raise awareness about this real horror that is being inflicted daily on our children.

United we stand, divided we fail.

There are many organisations working with victims, but much more needs to be done. Organisations need to link together so that victims will know that we are all standing together to stop the silence. Survivors and victims need to feel supported and empowered to tell their stories.

They need to know they have nothing to be ashamed of – it is our shame as a society that we choose to turn a blind eye to the reality that 25% of females and 10% of males in the UK have been victims of sexual abuse – this is shocking, yet accepted.

The saying “united we stand, divided we fall” is so true if we are all to bring about the required change. We talk about human rights, yet children being raped in their homes is not treated as a big issue – instead it is covered up and kept in the dark at every level of our society.

Can it change? Yes it can.

A Child is Crying – The Song

Please listen to this song. It hauntingly captures the world of a victim. It has been recorded, and can be purchased to support the campaign.

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Movements for Change in History

Take a look at other movements in history, that have changed the way society behaves. It is possible to change the status quo.

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Strategy for Change

Learn more about the programmes needed to successfully Protect our children, Prosecute the abusers, Prevent abuse from happening, and Provide Support to those that have been abused.

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What is failing our children?

We have a structure in place in the UK, that is supposed to protect our children, so what is wrong with it?

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What Can You Do?

What can individuals and organisations do?

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