face8One young woman aged 20 shared with us that her mother held her down whilst she was raped, and although she was taken into care, nothing was done to help her. The mother continued having her raped weekly by a gang of men until she was nineteen and a half. In all the years she kept telling “professionals” that her mother was still having her raped, none of them did anything to provide her with a place of safety away from her mother. Although she said she wanted to talk but there would be consequences, she was not given the reassurance she needed. She needed to know that she would be protected if she told them the truth about what was happening to her.

Although Social Services and the agency she was placed with kept some records of her telling them she was still being raped, nothing was done to find out why she kept saying it if it was not true. The only person that treated her with any care was a teacher that she told – her teacher really wanted to help her and was willing to spend time with her so that she would reach a place that she could talk. Social Services put this teacher in her place by telling her that she was being unprofessional.

It is well documented that the mother had strong control over her and that she could not do anything without her mother’s consent. Some of the things that the ”professional” wrote in the girl’s file without taking any action is quite unbelievable. This girl is so damaged that she does not know how to feel or think, as she has always just done what she was told by her mother. Her mother had always told her that there was no point in telling anyone as they would not believe her. The fact that Social Services allowed her mother to break contact agreements and the rape continued worked in the mother’s favour, as it proved to the girl that she “belong to her mother and she could do whatever she wanted to her”.

The “professionals” in her life that were supposed to be “experts” behaved as if they did not have the knowledge to know the effect on a child that has been raped since being a toddler.

To listen to her account of some of the things that were done to her as a seven year old child is like listening to a horror story.

Some of these things were documented when she was fourteen years old but just dismissed. The mother was able to break all the rules and do whatever she wanted and nothing was done about it. Everything worked in her favour because she was a social worker and a bully. This woman also sexually abused her daughter herself and in having her raped she would tell her that “this is how I show my love for you”.