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“A Child is Crying” is a campaign that has been launched by Transformation Powerhouse. It’s main aim is to raise the public’s awareness about the realities of sexual abuse, and it’s prevalence in every strata of society. Transformation is a registered charity (no 1091779) based in East London which has been providing counselling and personalised support to victims of sexual abuse since 2002.

We believe that unless the public rise up against this, very little will be done to change how victims and abusers are dealt with. The shame that is associated with sexual abuse needs to be addressed so that it can be spoken about, and dealt with. This will remove the power that abusers have over their victims.

We want the mask that is used to represent “A child is crying “ to be a symbol to victims that others are standing in solidarity with them, and will fight on their behalf. We want them to know they will be listened to and believed.

We want abusers to know they will not continue to get away with this.

We want the government to know we are expecting them to listen to people that have been abused, and actually help them, rather than tick boxes and say some of the right words, whilst nothing changes.

We want this campaign to be the start of a movement for this change.


Transformation Powerhouse
33 Vicarage Lane
East Ham
London E6 6DQ

Call: 020 8472 1800