Personal stories

Some of our Transformation family have written their personal stories to share with and encourage others. 

These are true stories, but not their real names or real photos:


“It has always happened, I thought it was normal.”

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“When we got outside, he forced me to the ground and raped me, I was so scared, like I said, I was a really late developer, and I didn’t even know what had happened. “

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“It has not been plain sailing since then, but compared to how I lived before and how alone and hostile I felt and was, I am a million miles from that place today.”

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“I was drugged, beaten, and sexually abused by someone I classed as a friend.”

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“I desperately wanted to step away from my normal life and go to a place where I could fully express the turmoil of emotions I was going through.”

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“In all the years she kept telling “professionals” that her mother was still having her raped, none of them did anything to provide her with a place of safety away from her mother.”

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Althea Butler

A touching poem, ‘Why mother, why?’ by Althea Butler (real name)

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Althea: Invisible child

A poem written by Althea, on behalf of another survivor.

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