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The work to build this campaign until the Government has to stop and listen and make changes happen, will take the time and dedication of many people. But this has to be done, it is the only chance we have of stopping this abuse towards our children, the abuse which  is showing no sign of ending, despite all the laws and inquiries that we have in place.

If you are able to help, in any way, please do so, let’s show we care.

Please take time to inform yourself of individual stories and life experiences, rather than turning a blind eye to the reality for so many children. None of it is pleasant, but this should not be a reason to ignore it. Please remember, we are just reading about it – children are living it! Everyone can be part of this campaign; you can help with time, finance, your skills or your voice.



If you are able to donate financially to this campaign with a one off gift or regular donation, you can do this through Charity’s Aid Foundation

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If you are able to offer some of your time, to help support this campaign, please complete your details here, and you will be contacted in the near future.

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Activities to Help the Campaign

This issue is so big and complex, no one person or group can resolve this.

But YOU can be part of the solution.

Change happens when people stop standing by silently. As individuals we can choose to put our voice to this, and talk on behalf of the victims, until they are strong enough to talk for themselves, and then our voices will join together.

There is a saying “If you think you are too small to make a difference, you have not spent a night with a mosquito “

Come on, let’s be mosquitoes !!

So how can I do this? we hear you ask,  below are a few ideas, some take less than 5 minutes, some may take a few hours, and some will take more energy, you can choose what you are able to do.

3 minutes Share the petition with your friends and family. Click for more ↓

Go to the petition page and just click on the Facebook or Twitter buttons underneath the petition form. These will let you share the petition very easily. Or, if you prefer email, click this link to write a new email (don't forget to add your friend as a recipient!), or just forward one of the emails we've sent to you, it will contain the link for the petition:

5 minutes Tell us about events. Click for more ↓

If you hear about an event which would be suitable for the A Child is Crying Team to have a stall, to get more signatures on the petition, share information or sell merchandise, please let us know via

10 minutes Raise money while you shop! Click for more ↓
Join as a free way to raise funds for the campaign. Yes free. Whenever you shop online, some retailers will give a small percentage of that sale to a charity of your choice, at no cost to you.

To find out more read easyfundraising's guide for shoppers

This is the easiest way EVER to raise money for a good cause. When selecting which cause you wish the money you raise to go to, we are registered under Transformation Powerhouse.

20 minutes Write to your MP, with our easy template. Click for more ↓

Write or email your MP, asking them to read the Children’s Commissioner report on Child Sexual Abuse in the family and ask the government what is being done about the thousands of children who are being sexually abused each year and are not telling anybody – the government estimates there are over 100,000 each year. The more letters they receive, the more this issue will get raised in their consciousness.
If you are interested in doing this, you can download this template letter and email it to them.
To find your MP go to this site and enter your postcode, it will give you their name and email address.

30 minutes Get some signatures! Click for more ↓

Are you or any of your family involved in clubs, school activities etc… why not get a paper copy of the petition and bring it with you next time you go, and see how many signatures you can get.

45 minutes Read the Children’s Commissioner Report. Click for more ↓

Read the summary of the Report published by the Children’s Commission in Nov 2015. You may be surprised.
If you are unable to read all the summary, just read the first 2 pages (Introduction) and the last 3 pages (the conclusion and recommendations)

3 hours Join our friendly petition team for a little while.Click for more ↓

Attend an event or location with the friendly A Child Is Crying Team, where we will collect signatures on the petition together. If you would like be contacted about future dates, please send an email to

A few hours Become an Ambassador for A Child is Crying.Click for more ↓

This may entail having a selection of leaflets, badges, petition forms etc… and actively promoting this cause in the area where you live or where you work. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador, please send an email to

A few hours and energy! A sponsored event.Click for more ↓

Take part in, or organise a sponsored event, where the funds you raise can be donated to the campaign. It does not have to be exercise, it can be a sponsored bake, sponsored read, sponsored knitting, the options are endless. If you would like to do this, please send an email to

A few hours or a few days Be a volunteer.Click for more ↓

Join our general volunteer list, so as and when needs arise, we will contact you.
You can offer any specific skills that you have to the campaign or charity, this would involve us having a chat to see how best you can help. We are always on the lookout for support!