5th Annual Awareness Event: Freedom

Our 5th Awareness Concert with live music, drama and poetry is designed to help “break the silence about the scale and effects of sexual abuse in the UK”.

This lively evening is for anyone who wants to be part of a movement to bring about the necessary change to address child sexual abuse in the UK.

Sexual Abuse Must Stop 


At Transformation we have consistently seen girls and women, boys and men, from all walks of life that have been abused, not believed, dismissed by the police, and left to get on with their broken lives.

The event is hosted by  Transformation Powerhouse

United we stand, divided we fail

Educating the nation on the scale and effects of sexual abuse

Advance Booking Essential at:

4th Annual Awareness Event - Saturday 25th August 2018

This year our Annual Awareness Event will be hosted in our own Powerhouse Lounge. This is anFF ticket only event due to the restriction on numbers, so if you wish to attend, you must book. Book your tickets online here!

3rd Annual Awareness Event (2017)

A Child is Crying, Do you care?

Saturday 16th September was the night of our 3rd Annual Awareness Event to break the silence about the scale and effects of sexual abuse in the UK.

We were joined by a very talented live band supporting some amazing singers: Maureen Weeks, Alex Cambridge, Yemi Alogba and Nathan. There was be an eye opening play called “I Wonder Why?”, and a breath-taking dance performed by the contemporary international dance group The Natasha’s Project. The poem “Why Mother Why?” was also performed. Below you can watch the video of the play and the poem.

We hope you left feeling energised and empowered to help, as there is hope.

This isn’t just an event, this is a movement.

2nd Annual Awareness event - Saturday 27th August 2016

Please join us on Saturday 27th August for our second Awareness Event. Admission is free, and tickets can be obtained online or by calling 020-8552-9333

1st Annual Awareness Event July 2015

Saturday 25th July 2015 marks the launch of our 1st Annual Awareness Concert to break the silence about the scale and effects of sexual abuse in the UK:

A Child is Crying

Artists that support this movement will give us a night to remember with different genres.There will be something for everyone, including Jazz, Reggae, Gospel, Classical & RnB.A Child is Crying – do you care? If the answer is yes, then join us as we unite to bring awareness to the nation of the scale and effects of sexual abuse.

This isn’t just a concert – this is a movement!

We are saying that we will no longer allow the issue of sexual abuse to be covered up.We are going to break the silence.We are going to give the voiceless a voice.If you support this movement then please share this event page with your friends and family.

NO MORE SECRETS – pass it on!