Recommended Reading

Stories by survivors

There are hundreds if not thousands of books that have been written by survivors, detailing the abuse they experienced, and how they came out of it. These stories can make for difficult reading, but they do show the hope of healing that survivors have. Telling their story, is often part of that healing.

Below, is a selection of these books, which cross all demographics of society.

Punished – A mother’s Cruelty, A Daughter’s Survival – A Secret that Couldn’t be Told by Vanessa Steel

Nowhere to Belong : Punished for the colour of her skin by Harmony Brookes

Unloved : The True Story of a Stolen Childhood by Peter Roche

Dance for your Daddy : The True Story of a Brutal East End Childhood by Katherine Shellduck

Tears at Bedtime by Andrew Crofts and Tom Wilson

Ma, He Sold me for a few Cigarettes by Martha Long

Sold: A Young girl betrayed by her Mother into a life of Vice by Tess Stevens

Scarred – She was a slave to her father. Pain was her only escape by Sophie Andrews

Mummy, Make it Stop by Louise Fox

Mummy Knew : A Terrifying step-father. A Mother who refused to listen. A Little girl desperate to escape by Lisa James

Silenced : Raped by my Brother, Pregnant at Twelve, too Terrified to tell by Vicky Jagger

Trust No-one by Teresa Cooper

Understanding more about sexual abuse

Spotlight on abuse shows some of the stories that have appeared in the media, since the 1990’s.

Exaronews provides weekly newsletters and articles by investigative journalists, sometimes these are stories that do not make the main newspapers.

There is much in the press about Mandatory Reporting, Mandate Now explains it in more detail.

An interesting article written by a survivor, where he explains how speaking out, has helped him to heal.