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It could be your child

You may not be part of the problem, but you can be part of the solution

We would all like to believe that the systems, agencies and laws that we currently have are protecting our children.

They are not.

Our children are still being abused. Our voices need to come together to shout that this is not right, and will no longer be tolerated. We need to demand these changes.

Signing this petition shows we are siding with the victims and taking a stand against abuse The public can say to all governing bodies and abusers that this will no longer be allowed to continue, It is the start of us all coming together to fight this.

Staying silent will allow the abuse to continue. Your voice can make a difference. PLEASE sign the petition and pass it onto your friends. United we can stop child sexual abuse.

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To the Prime Minister, Cabinet, and leaders of the opposition parties,

Despite all the policies, forms, agencies, laws, institutions etc... in place to help protect our children, They are still being sexually abused, and the abusers are getting away with it.

We have raised this petition to show you that the people in this country care and are horrified at what is being done to innocent children. This is not just happening as organised abuse, it is being done in the homes of these children.

We have failed as a society if we allow this to continue.

We will do all that is necessary to get you to hear us, and make the changes needed, across every area of society that plays a part in protecting children.

How can the government know about the horror of the abuse that is carried out across the country, and do nothing to stop it.
If every MP is not calling for action here, they ought to be ashamed at themselves.

As a start, we need to see the government implement all recommendations that comes out of any inquiry, otherwise you are not doing the primary role that you have been elected to do, that of protecting the citizens of this country.

Show the UK and the world that we will no longer stand by and let children be abused in this way.

Hear our voices, hear their cries.

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Protect all children who are being sexually abused or who are vulnerable to being exploited.

The police, CPS and courts must be equipped to investigate and prosecute so that abusers no longer feel safe in their actions. The current system further abuses the victims.

Children and parents must be informed and educated to prevent any further abuse and children will know they will be believed when they speak out.
Provide support to all those that have been sexually abused, so they can work through all that they have endured.